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Crafts For The Not So Crafty: Tie Dye Kid's Apron

June 19 2023 – CoCo B. Kitchen & Home

Crafts For The Not So Crafty: Tie Dye Kid's Apron
Crafts For The Not So Crafty: Tie Dye Kid's Apron

Try this super simple craft with your kids this summer.  Kids will love to create these and wear them for further crafts and messy play!



  • Tie Dye Kit 
  • Kid's Apron (Shop Here)
  • Gloves
  • Zip Lock Bag
  • Surface Protectant


Step One:

Wash and dry apron first to get any sizing off product.

Step Two:

Lay out project and plan color combination and pattern choice.  Be sure to protect all surfaces.

tie dye apron prep

Step Three:

Fold apron into pattern choice and secure with rubber bands.

apron sprial choice

Step Four:

Apply first color. 


Pro Tip: Be sure to get in folds to the inside layers.

first color choice

Step Five:

Continue step four with other colors entire all chosen colors are used and you have covered your apron. 


Pro Tip: Be sure to be aware of how close you apply colors.  Too close and they will bleed together to be a muddy color.

Step Six:

Place in zip lock bag for 6-8 hours.

tie dye apron in plastic bag

Step Seven:

Rinse out apron with cold water. 

Pro Tip: If you rise with a hose, there will not be much color bleeding.  If you choose to rinse in wash after (as we did below) there will be some color bleeding on any parts left white.

rinse out apron

Step Eight:

Enjoy and share your creations with us on social media #craftsforthenotsocrafty.

finished tie dye apron