Crafts For The Not So Crafty: Mom Tote Bag

April 12 2022 – CoCo B. Kitchen & Home

Crafts For The Not So Crafty: Mom Tote Bag

Crafts For The Not So Crafty: Mom Tote Bag

We have the perfect painting craft just in time for Mother's Day.  You can do this as an adult, or hand it over to the little ones for them to create.



Fabric Paint

Sponge Brush


Tote Bag (Gusset Tote Bag)


tote bag supplies


Step One:

Create your MOM stencil.  Trace out MOM on your cardboard and cut out the outline/silhouette only.


Step Two:

Tape cut out stencil on tote where you want it positioned.  Keep stencil as secure as possible.

stencil taped


Step Three:

Set up all the paint you want to use on a paper plate.


Step Four:

Go to town!  We chose to do a tie-dye look and paint splotched all over.

painting mom tote


Step Five:

Once finished carefully peel up stencil and allow to dry fully.


Step Six:

Iron to set paint.


 finished tote


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