Crafting For The Not So Crafty: Kid's 4th of July Hand Painting

Posted on June 04 2021

Crafting For The Not So Crafty: Kid's 4th of July Hand Painting
Now that school is out, are you looking for fun summer activities for the kiddos?  Well we have the perfect and simple painting craft for Independence Day.
I mean really, who doesn't love to finger paint?!
Here is a simple and easy craft for the little ones in your life this summer.


Step 1:

Wash and iron products.  Both of these items are 100% cotton and will wrinkle.  This stage also helps to remove any sizing that is on the product.


Step 2:

Prep all supplies prior to starting.  We all know nothing goes as planned with kids, but be as prepped as possible.


prepped apronprepped blank onesie


Step 3:

Time to get messy!  Paint your design on the hand or foot of choice.  We started with the flag heart hands on the child apron. 

painted hands


Step 4:

Carefully position hands/feet above desired spot and press carefully and firmly.


hands pressed down


Step 5:

Lift carefully and ta-da!

lifted fingers


Step 6:

Continue steps 3-5 for all the designs you would like to do.

painted foot

positioned baby foot

baby foot print

pressed foot on apron

lifted foot apron

child apron imprints done


Remember, this is a fun craft for kids.  It will NOT be perfect, but they will love to do it and help cook at the 4th celebration in their outfits!


Step 7:

Time to paint the wick and sparks!


onesie with wick

finished onesie

finished apron

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